Welcome to the Suffolk County Young Republicans

"Individual commitment to a group effort - that is what makes a team work,
a company work, a society work, a civilization work." - Vince Lombardi

The Suffolk County Young Republican Goals:

GRASS ROOTS ACTIVISM - Organized as a volunteer service organization, our primary task is helping to elect Republican candidates. During the 2003 election cycle, SCYR members have logged over 35,000 campaign service hours. SCYR members have traveled across Suffolk County and the state of New York to assist Republican candidates.

LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT - Every year, the SCYR will host retreats and/or training seminars designed to provide leadership development to our members. Through interactive participation, teamwork and communication, SCYR members develop skills that benefit their personal and professional growth as well as that of our organization.

COMMUNITY SERVICE - Working together, SCYR members help a number of community and charitable organizations by lending our time, energy, and money. Members have participated in a variety of groups from local Chambers of Commerce, Civic Associations, Make a Wish Foundation, Red Cross, United States Chess Federation, etc.

CLUB DEVELOPMENT - The SCYR spreads its message through the formation of new clubs throughout the County of Suffolk. By working with county and town party chairmen and other political activists, we are able to establish contacts that often turn into thriving clubs.

The Suffolk County Young Republican Club has four key responsibilities:

To advance the growth of the Republican Party within Suffolk County.

To provide for the exchange of information among local clubs, the Young Republican National Federation, and the Republican Parties of both Suffolk and New York.

To provide a standard framework for successful club organization, financing, and communication for all chartered clubs.

To provide individual members with opportunities for leadership training and growth.

JOIN TODAY! - As Republicans we believe in equal rights, equal opportunity, and limiting government in favor of personal responsibility. We have a hope and positive vision for the future. Please join us and share your ideas.